Activities at Strynsvatn Camping

At Strynsvatn Camping we try to offer you as many various activities as possible.
In addition to the many attractions and activities in the Stryn Valley, we like to offer recreational activities at the camp site.

Beach volleyBeach volley
Our beach volley court is always popular. This will give the whole family an opportunity to have fun together.
If You don’t enjoy hitting the ball, try beach-football, football-tennis or badminton at the court.
There is also plenty of space for football and other ball games on the big lawns.

Activities for the young! Spread all over the camp site, in a reasonable distance to most cabins, there are sandboxes, seesaws, enclosures with farm animals and more.
Our 2 large trampolines are always in use. Take part in the fun!
Playground  Trampoline

Stryn Lake
This is our biggest playground….
In the shoreline of Strynsvatn Camping, a bathing place is constructed. A diving board, a floating landing stage for boats, and plenty of space.
The water is pure and refreshing glacier water, often turquoise in colour. Take a dive!
We also have boats and canoes for renting (and life jackets), why not try fresh-water fishing? There is salmon, trout and char in the Stryn Lake. Fishing licences are sold on the site, and the prices are reasonable.
When dusk sets in, many choose to barbecue in the shoreline. A newly built barbecue pavilion is a very popular rendezvous.

Hiking trails
Strynsvatn Camping is an excellent starting point for hiking in the mountains. You can get to mountain farms, tall and steep mountains or glaciers if You want to.
The mountain farm of Meland is situated at 500 metres above sea level, and is an excellent walking tour in the evenings.
For those seeking something more vigorous, Storskrefjell is recommended at 1814 metres above sea level.