Welcome to Stryn!

Stryn County Coat of ArmsStryn County lies at the end of the Nordfjord -a beautiful area where the fjord joins up with glaciers and mountains. The population is around 6.700 with approximately 3.000 residents in the county centre, Stryn. Agriculture, forestry, small industry, building firms, tourism and other service industries are the most important sources of income in Stryn County.

Several communities
Stryn County is made up of several communities. Situated furthest in the Nordfjord, Loen, Olden and Stryn stand out as three breathtakingly beautiful valleys that lead up to the Northwest edge of the Jostedal glacier. On the North side of the fjord, we have Markane with a landscape that reminds one of Eastern Norway’s forests and to the West is the Panorama road. On the other side of the fjord You will find enchanting open farmlands at Utvik and Innvik.

Tradition for tourism
“Graceful Stryn” has a long tradition of welcoming guests that goes back over 100 years. English salmon fishing enthusiasts were the first tourists here in the 1860s. At the end of the last century the tourists hotels appeared along with cruise ships and the accommodating of guests turned into a living. Today, tourism is the most important source of income for Stryn County.

Briksdal Glacier
The famous attraction in Stryn is the Briksdal Glacier. Every year visitors come from around the world to see this glacier arm which is beautifully situated between cascading waterfalls and high mountains.

Lodal Valley
Lodal Valley and the Kjendal Glacier should nor be missed either. Beautiful scenery and a dramatic history make Lodal valley a place quite out of the ordinary. Twice in this century, huge blocks of stone have cracked off from the sides of Mt. Ramnefjell to crash into Lake Lovatnet below. The resulting tidal waves destroyed the farms of Nesdal and Bødal, taking 135 human lives. The years of 1905 and 1936 will forever remind people of the inner Nordfjord of the Lodal catastrophes.

Skiing all year round!
In the eastern part of the county, along with the fascinating Old Strynefjell mountain road (built 1894) You will find Stryn Summer Ski Centre. From mid-may until the beginning of October You can go skiing at Norway’s best summer skiing resort. In December, there are usually good skiing conditions around Stryn centre. Stryn Ski Centre offers a large variety of alpine slopes. From Ullsheim at Markane or the skiing centre at Stryn You can follow skiing trails that were used for the Norwegian Nordic Skiing Championships in varying and picturesque terrain. The Vangen area at Nordsida also offers good skiing conditions.

Experience Nature first hand
“Graceful Stryn” is one of the most well known works by composer Per Bolstad. Inspiration for “Graceful Stryn” came to Bolstad one fine summer’s day when he glanced over the Lake Strynsvatn. Tourists travelling form the East have a marvellous view over the Lake Strynsvatn from Hjelle. On the other side of the lake You can see glacier “tongues” emerging from the Jostedal Glacier from between needle sharp mountain peaks.

Stryn Town centre – exotic atmosphere
Stryn in summer is a lively hub of activities. On warm summer evenings, people gather in the town and outdoor restaurants, creating an atmosphere more common in southern parts of the world. The restaurants serve “al fresco”, with cool drinks and delicious food, Norwegian or International cuisine. Summer in Stryn just has to be experienced. The town also has plenty to offer in the way of shopping. Boutiques of all categories offer summer bargains, often from stands on the pavement of the main street of Stryn.